Options for cutting costs and increasing revenue

Implement fair taxation

Even after reversing its absurd corporate tax cut, the government’s last budget still gave businesses new tax breaks in several areas.

Boost corporate taxes

Increase taxes on those who can afford it, like large, profitable corporations. Just a modest increase could net millions and still keep us competitive with other provinces and countries.

Reverse tax breaks for the wealthiest

The budget’s reduction of personal income tax rates will benefit the wealthiest the most. Government lost $82 million last year alone, and will lose another $110 million this year.

Invest in our province

Invest in made-in-Saskatchewan public services and public infrastructure to keep families strong and to keep good jobs in our communities. Maintain decent public sector wages so families continue to pay taxes and stimulate local economies with their purchases.

Ditch costly megaprojects

Stop handing hundreds of millions to outside corporations for costly megaprojects – like the Regina Bypass, being built by a French multinational.

Review private contracts

Assess the real value of the hundreds of millions spent on consultants and private contractors. Cancel any contract that does not benefit Saskatchewan people.

Cut the number of MLAs

Eliminate the three new MLAs the Sask. Party government added to the Legislature at a combined cost of roughly $700,000 per year.

Roll back pay hikes for political staff

Reverse the 74 percent payroll increase Premier Brad Wall gave to his Executive Council staff between 2009 and 2016.

Stop selling public assets

Keep revenue generating public assets, like liquor stores, working for Saskatchewan people. The government’s current liquor privatization plan will cost taxpayers tens of millions every year.

Get more from our resources

Increase the royalties that big corporations pay to exploit our province’s non-renewable resources, like potash, uranium, and oil. These resources belong to Saskatchewan people, and once they are gone, the corporations will leave. We will be left with nothing. Stash some of the revenue away in a Heritage Fund for when that day comes.

Stop giving away public revenue

The Sask Party government continues making giveaways to a business sector that has already been treated generously over the past decade. Instead of using cannabis retailing and wholesaling to boost Saskatchewan’s public revenues, it turned the highly lucrative opportunity over to private business.

There is a better way!

Sharing what we’ve built. Caring for each other. Standing strong together.

That’s the Saskatchewan way.